You race against the clock to complete your increasing square pattern with tiles lying around the map.

If you don't complete it in the given time then the game is lost. The current time counter is proportional with your current level. You gain (points) each second and for completing levels.

Special tiles:

Gold coin: main currency for buying charms and skins. If gold coins are included, more points are rewarded for completing a level.
Silver coin: secondary currency for buying charms and skins. If silver coins are included, more points are rewarded for completing a level.
Bronze coin: secondary currency for buying charms and skins. If bronze coins are included, more points are rewarded for completing a level.
Treasure chest: they will open when a level is completed. A reward or a penalty will be applied.
Ghost: when completing a level or performing a Magnet spell, one ghost will disappear.
Small bomb: will generate a small explosion when a Fire spell is cast on it.
Medium bomb: will generate a medium explosion when a Fire spell is cast on it.
Large bomb: will generate a large explosion when a Fire spell is cast on it.
Speed: will cast Speed spell at no cost.
Magnet: will cast Magnet spell at no cost.
Time: will cast Time spell at no cost.
Wall: ungluable tile. Can be exploded.
Coins: When glued, a gold coins bonus is rewared.
Points: When glued, a points bonus is rewared.

Game modes:

Single Player

You play in a solo lobby. The game ends when you complete the maximum level.
The lesser you take to beat the game the higher your score is.
You only have as a spell and it costs 1 point.


You compete with other players on the same map. You move slower once your level increases but you also gain more points. Once you reach the maximum level you cannot grow anymore but the game continues. You have all the spells so be prepared for different strategies. The longer you resist in the game the higher your score is.

Movement and actions:

1) You start with an empty square pattern.
You have a name, a level completion percentage and a time to live.
The completion percentage represents how much of the square has been filled.
The time to live represents how many seconds you have left to complete the level, before the game is over.

2) You move your square around: or or or

3) You glue tiles to your square: or or or
Pushing against inner tiles (free or from other players) will also trigger gluing.

When you complete your square pattern you gain one level:

- your square pattern size is increased
- the tiles glued by you are destroyed and respawned somewhere else on the map
- you gain more points (you also gain points per second)
- you get slower (on higher levels)
- points are used to cast spells. Some of the spells have a fixed price. Other spells have a dynamic price, depending on how many tiles you have currently glued and are enabled only you have at least one tile glued. Check the spells bar on the left to see the spells prices.

- the time counter is reset to a new value

There are special tiles that value more points: , , . If the square contains only special tiles when you complete the level, then you get a significant points bonus.

4) At any point you can drop all your tiles: key M or or

5) Other players are shown in yellow. You can grab tiles from them and they can grab tiles from you too, unless special spells are activated.


6) "Rotate" (Key N): It will spin your square counter-clockwise around the center (Key N):

Spin is possible only if the position after the spin is valid (no collision of your tiles with other tiles).

7) "Shield" (Key V): It will activate a temporary ice shield which will protect you from other players. Any player which steps into your square surface is frozen and cannot move.

If two players with shield intersect each other they are both frozen.

8) "Fire" (Key F): It will activate a temporary fire spell that will destroy tiles your square will run into, including tiles from enemy squares.

"Fire" and "Shield" spells cancel each other once two squares with these spells activated meet.

9) "Shrink" (Key C): It will decrease the level of all players that intersect your square and have a completion percentage smaller than you. Frozen players cannot be shrunk. The level of the shrunk players decreases by one and the players that get shrunk to level zero are eliminated.

The spell is cast even if there are no players that can be shrunk in your square. You get points for shrinking and eliminating other players.

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